Almost there...

3 days until my 17th birthday! yay! i'll be getting a sexy digital camera, so you'll be seeing a lot of me!

Darrin's getting on my nerves. I supposedly aggravate him constantly.. i don't know how, i guess i'm just a naturally aggravating person. And he gets mad at me because of the stupidist shit. He got mad at me because i wanted to go to burger king. He got mad at me because i was joking around and put on some stupid glove in Hot Topic. He got mad at me because i was at my friend's house, and her boyfriend and his friends were there too. He got mad at me for getting mad at him because when i asked him to come pick me up from my friend's house, and he said he'd be there in a minute, it took him 2 and a half hours. Can you blame me for being mad?

I can blame him.
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I need a statue. A naked one.

I went to New Orleans today on a fieldtrip.. we went to the D-Day museum, then the Riverwalk, then to watch Hairspray at the Saenger Theatre. It was sooo funny, it was wonderful!! I loved it so much! Ahh!!!11

Sorry, i just had to get that out.

WCAFootball76: how old r u
NuhLeE: im 16.. but turning 17 in december
NuhLeE: wait.. it is december!!
WCAFootball76: cool deal
WCAFootball76: lol
NuhLeE: todays the ninth.. so in.. 16 days!!!11
NuhLeE: im 16 and my bdays in 16 days.. you know, that is so awesome. i need to commemorate this moment.
WCAFootball76: lol

I would like some American Cola..

I worked for 6 straight hours yesterday. Open to close. That's the longest I ever worked, but it was okay.

Kaitlyn cleaned her room and came across $110, so she bought me some Chick-fil-A. Cool. She always acts so stupid at drive-thrus.. but this time it was so funny. She was ordering in some foreign accent.. trying to pretend she was, i dont know, afgani or something. I'm sure the Chick-fil-A people were thinking, what's with this little rich white girl talkin afgani? And she ordered some "Spreet." Haha.. oh, and note to self, never tell her to do something crazy, or stupid, or illegal, because chances are, she will do it. i told her "look kaitlyn! it's a cop car, you better go chase him and honk your horn." she didn't chase, but she honked. A couple times. Bad, bad, bad.

And then we wrapped Elise's house, for the billionth time. We put post-its all over her car, and dumped flour all over her driveway. But that's what she gets, because she poured beans in my yard. And they're growing right now. I've got big patches of BEAN STALKS in my yard. lol.. they're like, 4 inches tall. but you know. The tight-ass neighborhood council people are going to come and tell us that we look like "the other side" again, like they did when we parked our cars in the front lawn, adn when we put pink flamingos in the yard. lol..

So anyway. I don't want to go to school.. not at all..

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Happy Turkey Day!

well i didn't sleep at all last night. i slept a little during the day, but besides that.. no sleep for me. i work tomorrow.. =/ 6 hours. i can't believe thursday is almost over and tomorrow's friday and then we'll be heading back to school.. uh i dont know what to do with myself!! i love being a hermit.

thanksgiving went okay. my cousins weren't quite as creepy as they usually are. and my mom only burnt one thing. so.. it was alright. it feels like christmas though, it makes me want some presents or something.

hmph, well too bad i don't have anything actually important or interesting to say.

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