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ok... i haven't written about this and i want something to write about, so in an act of desperation, here it is:

The junior class held a sort of protest at one of the pep-rallies. They were upset because they didn't win the preceding pep rally and the consequential jean day, and they though they should have. So they sat down throught the entire pep rally, holding editions of the Rampage in front of their faces. They didn't participate in anything during the pep rally. They booed everyone involved instead and only cheered when the cheerleaders played the wrong song for their dance. For a finale, they threw the copies of the Rampage into the seniors section and at the cheerleaders.

I wrote about this in the paper, in an editorial. It included the events that I just stated and I said that I felt this was an ungrounded protest. The judging of who wins these pep rallies isn't always correct, but it's fair. It's set-up. Duh. It's that way so that everyone gets a jean day.

And I asked in it what the juniors were trying to achieve in this? Were they trying to get their jean day back? If so, that certainly wasn't the way to go about it. Throughout history the organizers of protests and strikes were made out to be heroes who were trying to achieve an honorable goal. But what was ours? The idea was half-baked.

I pointed out how I was surprised that everyone went along with it. I felt like I was the only one amidst the crowd of juniors without a paper in front of her face, laughing at the challenge we made to the onlookers.

I also said how disrespectful this was. It was disrespectful to the cheerleaders, the Highsteppers (not that getting booed at was a new thing for them, necessarily), and everyone involved in making the pep rallies possible. The Rampage was also disrespected as the object of our hard work became the junior class's tool of rebellion and projectile trash.

Most people I talked to agreed with me. Some even wondered, after reading my article, why they had gone along with it in the first place.

But then there were some that decided my article was personally offensive. These were the organizers of the protest, obviously. They argue that I didn't show their side of the story. First of all, the first paragraph of this post, IS the story. And that was all in the article. I showed it! Secondly, it's an EDITORIAL. Definition: MY OPINION!! My opinion is different from theirs and although this may be a difficult concept for some small-minded people, OTHERS WILL NOT ALWAYS AGREE WITH THEM. Welcome to the real world.

They also complained about various other things taken out of context. They went as far as to talk to the school counselor and the our Newspaper teacher. They actually wanted to get me forced to retract it. Hah.

Hopefully we'll have a response from these whiney juniors in the next issue.. I'd like to see what they can really say in their defense.. You know, without sounding stupid.

This could be a running theme!

As much as i gripe about it, this whole situation is SO gratifying! The fact that I can make people feel so strongly about something, even if it's in a negative way, is absolutely redeeming.

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