Anna (anti_america) wrote,


I met Tim!!

It was soo snowing.. well, okay, it was a little bit of sleet, but yay! snow!

I took a little quiz and i thought the results were neat:
These are my values in order of importance: pride, love, career, family, money.
The word "bite" describes my personality.
The word "meow" describes my parter (ohh purr!).
The word "ick" describes how i feel about my enemies.
The word "cigarettes" describes how i feel about sex. hmm.. addicting? no.
The word "foam" signifies how i feel about life.
Darrin is someone i will never forget.
My mama is a true friend. (i dunno about that one)
Ann-Kat is someone i truly love.
Kaitlyn is my "twin soul."
and Lindsay is someone i will always remember.

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